Water temperature
control units
up to 200°C

Pressurised water units for aluminium die casting, zinc and injection moulding. Open PLC and direct communication with all die casting machines. IIOT 4.0 with predictive maintenance.

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Oil temperature
control units
up to 350°C

Diathermic oil units for aluminium die casting, zinc and injection moulding. Open PLC and direct communication with all die casting machines. IIOT 4.0 with predictive maintenance.

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Quench tanks

Temperature controlled quench tanks for castings. Patented systems for auto-maintenance and baskets cleaning.

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Special temperature control units

Specific TCUs for shot sleeves and plungers. Die cleaning unit. Units OPC UA ready and for low pressure.

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Connection plants from TCU to the mould

Maximum energy efficiency with 3D custom-designed systems for conduits and distributors on the mould.

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Jet Pad and multi channel flow

Temperature control units for spot cooling with pin test. Pulsed multi-flow cooling systems.

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IECI was founded in 1972 as an electrohydraulic plants company.
In the following years, it specializes in mold temperature controllers in die casting and in plastic. Technological research and experimentation have always been at the center of the IECI policy that, through a continuous evolution of its products, registered several international patents.

Over the years many thermoregulation thecniques have been refined, ranging from molds to all the other special applications such as shot sleeves and plungers.
Next to the validity of the units, the Company has created an extensive and efficient service of technical assistance, which received considerable acclaim among end users.

Commercially, IECI manages all contacts with customers, providing a transparent and accurate service.
It has recently started the process for achieving ISO9001 certification, in conformity with the IECI’s will to constantly improve the service offered to its customers.


For over 40 years we have been offering customized products and studying together with the customer the best solutions to optimize his production process.


Wherever you are, we reach you there. All our services are guaranteed in every part of the world: Installations, startup, trainings and on-site maintenance will be performed in all the continents. If you need telephone support, our overseas office can provide you live communications in English, French, German and Italian.



We carry out maintenance and repair of temperature controllers, chillers and systems of all brands. We reconditioned your products giving new value to all individual components. Our experts service is intended for all those who are looking for people and quality services.

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We sell Controllers used and refurbished by our in-house professionals. An economic advantage without sacrificing the quality of products and services IECI. Even on the refurbished products you can activate the maintenance services and on-site service to guarantee production continuity.

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IECI is present in all the most important die-casting events.

GIFA 2019

6-8 DECEMBER 2018 DELHI-HCR, INDIA. Exhibition & Conference - Aluminium Die-Casting


Fill in the form specifying the department desired. Our worldwide service will put you in contact with the resource that’s right for you.