Die temperature control in order to reduce scraps and extend components life

We have products for all types of applications but our keyword is CUSTOMISATION.
We increase and maximize the customer production process through the creation of the most suitable temperature controller to the specific application.

We customize components and softwares to make your experience unique and made just for you.
With pressurized water up to 200 ° C and diathermic oil up to 350 ° C, we can control the temperature with the highest possible precision. Molds for die casting and plastics, plungers and shot sleeves; the entire island is under continuous control.
To complete the temperature control and ensure maximum efficiency of the cell, we offer quenching tanks and connection plants to the mold. In 2017 we have presented news about our modular zone multiplier (4-8-12 channels) and the online monitoring of the units made by our IoT system.



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6-8 DECEMBER 2018 DELHI-HCR, INDIA. Exhibition & Conference - Aluminium Die-Casting

GIFA 2019

JUNE 25-29 2019 Düsseldorf. A record booth for the largest exhibition of Europe on foundry.