The design and the production of diathermic fluid distribution system (oil and water) represent a mark of distinction and a suitable completion of the thermoregulation service.
IECI’s technicians have accumulated a considerable experience over the years by installing hundreds of plants in different conditions and are now able to provide a range of solutions that meet all technical requirements.


Connections from thermoregulators to DCM applications can be done in two di erent ways, by:

• fixed plants;
• flexible plants.

In the first case the installation is carried out using stainless steel hoses, carefully insulated to avoid heat dissipation. In the second one, most part of the hoses is replaced by insulated pipes protected by galvanized ducts. Where possible, the plant can be made using pre-assembled modules (standard length), but in most of cases, given the geometric variable of appliance, a customization is necessary, in order to take full advantage of the best routes.

Great attention is paid to the choice of materials used, which must guarantee the operator’s safety and the proper functioning of the system.

The use of steel ttings and faucets for high temperatures, is an element of distinction for all IECI’s installations.


For more than 40 years we offer customized products and we study together with the customer the best solutions to optimize its production process.

Insulated ducts

We design and manufacture customized ducts, pipes and hoses according to customer requirements by studying with him the entire production isle. Our 3D design department allows us to always provide the true and complete overview of the project.

Flow distributors

Our flow distributors are fully customizable depending on the needs. The use of stainless steel fittings and valves for high temperatures is a distinctive feature of the IECI plants.