Project Description


Management and control system for process water (preheating and cooling)



The PAD system offers the possibility of managing and individually controlling several cooling and preheating channels,
whether they are fountains or mold thermoregulation channels. In the MULTI version, it is possible to manage modularly
groups of 16 channels. The supplied software allows you to choose the desired pressure and to check the passage of
water for each individual connection. The system provides the possibility to regulate the delivery temperature, modulating
the return water, even in synchrony with the injection phase.
The hydraulic system is equipped with two pumps and managed with a frequency converter on the main circulator.
The simplicity of use and the robust construction make the machine suitable for any production environment. The system
allows the pre-heating of the mold, with open circuit, up to 85 ° C and subsequently, with closed circuit, up to 85 – 160 ° C.