Project Description

PF-GH up to 200°C (392°F)

  • Pressurized water 180° – 200°C
  • Single zone
  • Methane gas or LPG
  • Magnetic drive pump


Single zone series PF-GH, an absolute innovation in the die-casting sector, is a mobile Electro-hydraulic device designed to control mold temperature through the use of PRESSURIZED WATER thrust in conditioning channels. The exceptional uniqueness is represented by coupling between the use of water as a heat transfer fluid, and the use of methane gas as power supply to the heating system. Components and whole circuit are made of AISI 316 rust-proof stainless steel, and the innovative water pressurization system prevent any corrosion problems and limestone formation. The maximum temperature that heat transfer water can reach is 180 – 200 °C, whilst the minimum is determined by the parameters (pressure, flow rate and temperature) of the main water connected to the thermoregulator.