Project Description

PF-N Sleeve Version
up to 250°C (482°F)

Thermoregulation for shot sleeves

  • Diathermic oil 250°C
  • Single zone
  • Sealed and immersed electrical resistors
  • Magnetic drive pump


Industrial thermoregulators Climat Series PF-N Sleeve Version, single zone, adjust sleeve temperature through diathermic oil thrust in conditioning channels. They are built with modular components that facilitate maintenance and use. Heating elements are sealed to prevent any leak of oil, immersed in fluid and positioned along the hydraulic circuit to avoid the oil from stopping and the formation of tar. It is an open vessel system with a reservoir calculated to compensate for the increase in oil volume due to the raising temperature. Maximum oil temperature reaches 250 °C.
The particular 3-way cooling system prevents the formation of limestone in the heat exchanger, extending the life of components and increasing thermal efficiency.
The compact size of the thermoregulator facilitates the integration in the factory layout.