Project Description


  • Water 160 – 5°C
  • Single / double zone
  • Sealed and immersed electrical resistors / water chiller
  • Magnetic drive pump


The industrial thermoregulator Climat series PF-RH 160 – 5, single and double zone, is an electro-hydraulic apparatus particularly suitable for heating and cooling the die with “problema c” canals, up to very low temperatures (5°c with the chiller circuit), using pressurized water at very high thermic change capacity. These are made up of modular components which facilitate maintenance and use. The unit, with its small dimensions, allows you to work up to a maximum temperature of 160°c with the assistance of a multi-functional supplementary pump which controls not only the pressure but also the direct cooling and condensation of the refrigerating gas. This system allows the choking of the refrigeration power through the use of double separated evaporators. In compliance with ecology regulations, the gases used are R407C or R410A. The complete running of the logical functions are followed using an innovative PLC, which is simple and intuitive to use.