Temperature control units

IECI is a leader in the production of high-tech temperature controllers capable of operating in the most difficult and heavy production environments in the die casting, injection molding, extrusion and rubber sectors. With pressurized water up to 200 ° C and diathermic oil up to 350 ° C, ieci TCUs can face cooling and heating phases ensuring the highest performance on the market.

Patents on inverter technology and heating systems allow energy savings and drastic reduction of maintenance. The open software ieci allows total control over the TCU and a complete interface with all the brands of die casting machines. With the development of the 4.0 environment, ieci has developed its own IoT system ready to connect all units to the corporate network. Ieci temperature control does not only involve moulds but provides specific solutions for all stages of the process. Control units for plunger, shot sleeve and for core and spot cooling.



Pressure / vacuum up to 90 °C and pressurization
Resistors in the tank from 4,5 to 18 Kw
Indirect cooling, PLC Siemens 1200
90 Lt/min pump


PD 90

Water 90°C – Diathermic oil 150°C
Single / double zone
Electrical resistors immersed in the tank
Mechanical pump



Water 160 – 5°C
Single / double zone
Sealed and immersed electrical resistors / water chiller
Magnetic drive pump


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