Project Description

PF-G up to 572°F

The oil power supplied by the methane GAS

  • Diathermic oil 572°F
  • Single zone
  • Methane GAS or LPG burner
  • Magnetic drive pump



Climat industrial thermoregulators series PF-GAS 572, modular for single zone, controls mold temperatures through diathermic oil thrust in conditioning channels.
The exceptional innovation is the use, for oil heating, of a sophisticated flame system; it is reliable and safe, supplied by methane GAS or L.P.G. with an almost inexistent presence of CO in combustion fumes, in conformity to current European Regulations.
It is an open tank system with a reservoir calculated to compensate for the increase in oil volume due to the raising temperature. Maximum temperature reaches 572 °F, whilst the minimum is determined by the parameters (pressure, flow rate and temperature) of the main water connected to the thermoregulator.